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ELIGIBILITY: June 19th-26th session is open to the Lewis University faculty writers and collaborative writing teams (maximum of three team members). Applicants must exhibit professional standing in their field.


June 12th-19th session is open to Lewis University Creative Writing Program students and alumni. Students should be in good academic standing and possess sufficient writing discipline; letters of faculty recommendation might be requested.


ADMISSIONS: Residents are chosen by a rotating panel of faculty, students, and alumni of arts and humanities. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of the Wolny Writing Residency organizers. Only completed applications will be reviewed.


APPLICATION DEADLINES: March 21st for both sessions. An email notification will be sent to you of your acceptance/non-acceptance.


REAPPLICATION: Writers who have applied in the past, including previous residents, must submit new applications to be considered for another session, including recent work samples. A writer may return to WWR after two years have elapsed since his or her previous residency.


COLLABORATION: If applying as a collaborative team, both or all writers need to submit separate applications along with a joint project proposal. Your work samples may be individual or collaborative. Please indicate in the proposal what requirements you have for workspace.


CONTENT: In your application, please include the following information:

  1. A brief note on why you are interested in the Wolny Writing Residency: please tell us about why specifically this week-long residency and/or Florida appeal to you as a residency location. Please limit to 500 words.

  2. What genre would you be working in?

  3. A sample of your work: 5-8 poems; or 5-12 pages fiction or creative nonfiction; or 5-12 pages of cross-genre writing.

  4. A brief description of what you hope to accomplish during your residency. i.e. What personal project(s) do you plan to work on? Please limit to 500 words.

  5. Biography: Please provide a short paragraph, written in the third person, highlighting your professional achievements (publications, exhibitions, performances, commissions, etc.) Please limit to 250 words.


MAIL: Send your application directly via email to Kasia Wolny at

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